The initial survey 2

Today I went down to view the plot with the friends who I’ll be sharing it with. Unlike on my impromptu visit with my wife yesterday, this time I took the site map. It turns out that the plot we visited yesterday is the wrong one! The one I’ve been offered is, thankfully, better rather than worse than the one I thought I’d been offered, so I’m not disappointed.

The plot we’ve been offered has the ubiquitous Hagg House slope, so some kind of terracing would probably be a good idea. It’s bordered on two sides by hedges, and two sides by walls, making it more open to light than other plots (and to would-be vandals or thieves, but let’s not worry about that now).

It’s neck-deep in weeds, as expected, but someone has at least made an attempt at cultivating it within living memory. About a fifth of the plot has been lying under a black cover, so will be, when the cover is removed, bare earth.

Allotment overgrown with weeds

Here's what we have to work with

There’s clearly a lot of work ahead, but I’m really looking forward to waking the plot from its long slumber and getting it into a vegetative state.

An overgrown allotment plot

Looking down the plot from the top corner

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