The initial survey

Today I picked up my wife from work (she usually cycles, but had picked up a puncture on the way in this morning). Having told her that we’d finally been offered an allotment, we couldn’t resist dropping by to take a look at it on the way home. After walking around pretty much the whole site, we found what I’m 99% sure is the plot that’s ours for the asking.

The good news is that it has potential, and could be worse.

The bad news is that there’s a huge amount to do on it. The hedges are out of control at the moment, but that’s temporary. Worse it that as well as the weeds, there are a couple of trees, which are likely to have drained the nutrients from a fair proportion of the plot. I’m finding it hard to picture this space turned into a thriving veg patch.

I guess this is the moment when dreams run up against reality. Time for a sharp intake of breath, a rolling up of sleeves, and some hard graft. At least we’ll only have to bring the plot back from the dead once.

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