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Is there an easy way to remove trees? I’m stumped.

A tree stump lying by the hole it's been removed from

After a fairly stressful day at work, I thought a good way of taking out my frustration would be to head down to the allotment and do some digging. As luck would have it, there was a tree stump slap-bang … Continue reading

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In a spin about crop rotation

I’m having a crisis of confidence. Suddenly, everything that I thought I knew is in doubt. Up might be down. East might be West. I have no idea what to think or who to trust.

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On the scrounge for wooden pallets

Having started to draw up a plan for how the plot might be laid out, and provisionally opted for a raised bed approach, it’s looking like we’ll need at least 176m of timber just to edge our beds, plus some … Continue reading

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Comfrey mulch

Comfrey leaves laid as a mulch

As we now have a bed dug over, we ought to do something to improve the soil. Our local garden centre has several green manures in stock, but none of them suitable for sowing at this time of year, according … Continue reading

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Experience over (relative) youth

A mostly clear allotment plot

After our own modest successes in clearing parts of the plot, this weekend we decided to call in some older, wiser, more experienced heads for help: my wife’s parents (who had an allotment for a couple of years back in … Continue reading

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Meeting the neighbours

The clear patch from today

Although the allotment plot was mainly Tim’s baby, I am slowly getting drawn into it, and I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. It hasn’t cured me of my fear of slugs yet, but spiders are definitely less traumatic … Continue reading

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Lurking among the weeds: comfrey!


During yesterday’s clearing session, we uncovered a few good finds among the weeds. The best of these (better than the frog, the fluorescent yellow spider, and the assortment of spuds) was a healthy-looking comfrey plant.

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Clearing en masse

Another stint of clearing today, but this time, thankfully, there were four of us, so progress was much faster. Within an hour or so, we’d managed to get down to ground level on the bottom section of the plot, and … Continue reading

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Weeding can be addictive

A big pile of weeds...

Today I went down to the plot just to take another look at it. On my first visit, the only way to get through the entrance was to lean over to about a right angle to avoid getting stuck in … Continue reading

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