Clearing en masse

Another stint of clearing today, but this time, thankfully, there were four of us, so progress was much faster. Within an hour or so, we’d managed to get down to ground level on the bottom section of the plot, and moved the covers from where they were to the section we’d cleared. That gives us a good 10ft by 25ft that was under cover that’s now ready to be dug over, and come spring the area that’s now under cover (which is about the same size) will hopefully be clear of weeds (even if not weed roots) without any further work.

We haven’t quite worked out what to do with the newly uncovered area once we’ve dug out the weed roots. I’m sure there are some things that we could be planting now, but I’m not quite sure what (onions? garlic? cabbages? chard?!). I’m tempted to sow a green manure over at least part of the area to stall for time. Perhaps next time I see someone down on the site I’ll ask them for advice; if anyone else has any suggestions, please do post them below!

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