Experience over (relative) youth

After our own modest successes in clearing parts of the plot, this weekend we decided to call in some older, wiser, more experienced heads for help: my wife’s parents (who had an allotment for a couple of years back in the day) and my mum (a one-woman Ground Force). Progress was pretty spectacular, and we now have the weeds hacked down to ground level across pretty much the entire plot.

A mostly clear allotment plot

A mostly clear allotment plot

We even managed to get some measuring done, so that we can draw up a map of the plot and start planning what will grow where, and a first bed roughly marked out and dug over.

The only disappointment of the day was that with the weeds gone it became clear that we have more of a problem with trees than I’d realised. In the centre of the plot, interuppting a brick path that we found a couple of inches underground, is a substantial stump, with roots spreading several metres in every direction.

Tree stump

An ash stump

Also, a corner of the plot is occupied by several small ash trees which had previously escaped my notice. So far, all we’ve been able to do with these is prune them pretty aggressively. At the time, that felt good, like it was showing them who’s boss, but it didn’t dislodge them an inch: they’re still squatting in my plot. Digging them out looks like an enormous job. How would you go about evicting them?

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