On the scrounge for wooden pallets

Having started to draw up a plan for how the plot might be laid out, and provisionally opted for a raised bed approach, it’s looking like we’ll need at least 176m of timber just to edge our beds, plus some more for a compost bin. That seems like rather a lot, so I’m on the scrounge.

Fortunately, this morning I happened to see some builders/roofers/misc tradesmen unloading some materials into a house up the road that sold quite recently. A quick word, several car journeys (it turns out that a Corsa will only fit one pallet at a time), and I’ve acquired four wooden pallets, to go with the one donated by a neighbour and the one that was in our cellar when we moved in.

Quick measurements suggest that the average pallet should yield about 15m of usable wood, so I’ve still got a way to go. I just hope I can get them dismantled…

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