Weeding can be addictive

Today I went down to the plot just to take another look at it.

On my first visit, the only way to get through the entrance was to lean over to about a right angle to avoid getting stuck in the boundary hedge, and then slalom through the brambles and nettles. As my knees bend in only one direction and I don’t have a hinge at the waist, that isn’t going to be a viable, long-term solution. So I figured that as I was going down there I might as well takes some gloves and a few tools and at least remove a few of the larger obstacles blocking the way onto the plot.

Having made a start on that, I found myself standing on the plot wearing gardening gloves, with a lone weed before me. So I reached out, grabbed it, and pulled. Out if came, remarkably easily. And behind it was another. So I pulled that one out too. I wouldn’t call clearing weeds fun, but it does seem to be addictive. An hour or so after I’d pulled the first weed, I was standing next to a pile of them about four feet high, wide, and deep. It’s a small start, but it’s a start.

A big pile of weeds

A big pile of weeds...

First attempt at clearing the plot

... and the small space that they came from.

I’m really not convinced that pulling these out by hand is the most effective way of clearing the plot. Still, one of the reasons for getting an allotment was to get some exercise, so the less efficiently I do things the better the value I’m getting from it!

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