With a little help from our friends

Friends are great, especially when they all come down the allotment to get stuck in and bring weed suppressing carpet. This weekend we were still on the painstaking weed-clearance-type-jobs, but it’s so much more fun when there’s more of you.

As we’re sharing the plot with these friends, we had a good chat first about what we hoped and dreamed to grow next year, which worked as an inspiring motivational talk. We then set about a variety of tasks, from clearing the brick path we’d found going up the plot, to filling in Tim’s hole where he’d removed the tree stump. Getting rid of the creeping buttercup was still slow going, but now we’ve cleared enough to put in two green manures: grazing rye and field beans. One’s a nitrogen fixer, so we can start with some of our crop rotation as if we’d grown beans the year before, and both of them should enrich the soil in preparation for next year. The garlic’s also in, though it seems we’ll be waiting a while before we can harvest that.

After all that work, we definitely deserved a drink – and right on cue some of the lovely locally brewed Moonshine appeared. I’m going down there with these friends more often!

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