Lime: Barely scratching the surface

About a fortnight ago we realised that to get our claggy, acidic soil into workable shape we need to add some lime as a matter of urgency.

The problem is that claggy, acidic soil need both lime and manure, but you can’t add lime and manure at the same time (because they’ll react with each other), and shouldn’t really add lime when you have young plants (because the lime can damage the plants). That means that the best we can do is get the lime down now, and later on when the plants are in top-dress with manure (and the longer the gap between the two the better).

Unfortunately, since we realised this, the ground’s been pretty much frozen solid (well, every time I’ve been able to make it down there anyway). Today, I decided that we couldn’t wait any longer, and spread the lime anyway. That means that our plot now has an ugly white dusting from top to bottom. Hopefully the lime will start to work its way into the soil as the ground thaws, but if not I’ll go back with a fork when the weather’s warmed up a bit.

The allotment dusted with lime

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