And the winner is: garlic!

In all the excitement of planting the fruit trees, raspberries, and strawberries, I forgot to say: we finally have something that we planted growing on our plot!

The winner of the first-crop-to-emerge-from-the-soil competition is the garlic, largely because we haven’t planted much else.

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped to make this possible: all the visitors who joined in with clearing and digging over the plot; the neighbour who gave us her left over cloves to plant; the allotment officer… Trust me, it’s a very moving moment.

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2 Responses to And the winner is: garlic!

  1. Sarah McFall says:

    Haha, these were 1st on my plot too last year. Looks like we both started at the exact same month last year – although your website is so much better than mine!!!

  2. Tim says:

    The website is just a default WordPress installation, very easy to set up. You can customise it in pretty much any way you want to (that’s my day-job), but I thought I’d see whether I managed to find the time to keep it updated before putting the effort into doing that!

    Nearly time for next year’s garlic to go in too. I’ve got some Thermidrome sets from the allotment shop, and I’m just waiting for some other crops to finish and some space to become available.

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