Paths Continued

A short visit to the allotment today found all still in order, strawberries growing nicely and garlic sprouting even more and the sun shining nicely.

The mini-greenhouses (upturned plastic bottles) are still in place also. Karen replanted another strawberry plant from our garden and between us we continued the path laying.

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2 Responses to Paths Continued

  1. Tim says:

    Glad to hear that the hacked up lemonade bottles (sorry, “bottle cloches”) are still there and the strawberries are okay.

    Is that a complete path, with fresh wood chippings, from the top of the plot to the bottom, that I can see in the picture? Looks fantastic!

  2. Carl says:

    Yeah we got some nice green stuff from the car park but then found there was a new lot of chippings at the end of our lane so made it all the same colour. Annoyingly we could see two wheel barrows in Norman’s plot but he has a lock on the gate so we couldn’t borrow them ! And another we found had no wheel !

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