Planting Raspberries

In amongst my fruit order were twenty raspberry canes, ten of Glen Ample (a mid-season, summer-fruiting variety) and ten of Autumn Bliss (an autumn-fruiting variety). If they grow as we hope they will, these will dominate the top section of the plot, and provide us with enough raspberries to make jam even after we’ve eaten our fill.

Two rows of raspberry canes

We’re going to grow the raspberries between parallel wires about 60cm apart, in rows 4.5m long. I’d bought four stakes to use at the ends of the rows. Carl dismantled a pallet, cutting eight 75cm long pieces of wood to be attached to stakes horizontally. We’ll attach the wires to the ends of the crossbars in due course.

Having nailed the crossbars to the stakes, and measured and marked out the rows, we started by putting the stakes in. We briefly tapped away at the tops of the stakes with a fairly flimsy mallet, but then a neighbour lent us a sledgehammer and we soon got them in.

We then dug a couple of trenches between the stakes, lined them with manure, and mixed a little fertiliser with the earth from the trench. Then the canes went in, followed by the enriched soil, and we stamped around a bit to make sure they were firmly in place.

Right now, the raspberry canes look fairly pathetic beside the stakes for the wires, but give them time…

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  1. Yannie says:

    Looks good. Give them two years and you will see the result. We had a lot of them. The juice and jam is very nice. You may also be interested to visit:

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