Hedging and Blueberries

So, the edible hedging arrived as expected today. We helped ourselves to about 40 or so plants of a mixture of varieties. Unfortunately we don’t know what they are so have just mixed them up in the hedge interspersed with the only identifiable plant – blackberry.

A trench filled with hedging

Tim’s guess at the size of trench was a good one as the hedging plants had reasonable roots on them. Compost was collected by Karen and Carl which again was a nice guess as it seemed to be just the right amount to layer the trench.

After refilling the trench with the soil Tim dug out (in good old chaingang fashion – dig the trench now fill it in) we spaced out the hedging in 8 1m lengths with 5 plants per metre – 3 on the back row, 2 on the front and then the other way round for the next metre.

Blueberry Barrels

While Carl was planting the hedge, Tim was busy tittifying (a technical term) the top part of the plot with a couple of barrel pots in which he planted some blueberries. He also planted some more gooseberry bushes.

The plot is now taking shape !

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One Response to Hedging and Blueberries

  1. Tim says:

    You say “edible hedging”, but I’m not so sure. We’ll just have to wait and see…

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