Root 1

Last weekend we started planting our peas and beans. This weekend it was the turn of the roots.

We planted some parsnip (Cobham Marrow), carrot (Resistafly), and beetroot (Action) seeds. Unfortunately, the soil in this section of the plot hasn’t had much done to improve it. That’s largely because we only recently got hold of some manure, and the advice is that manure causes parsnips and carrots to fork. Hopefully we’ll manage to add some other fertiliser later on, and that will do.

Another empty bed, this time with parnsip, carrot, and beetroot seeds in

None of us have had much luck growing root vegetables in the past (except potatoes, which don’t really count). However, we’ll give them a go. (In fact, we’ll give pretty much everything a go, just to find out what works and what doesn’t.)

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