I’m a fan of gooseberries, and like to grow curiosities when I get the chance. So when my father-in-law said that he’d got some Worcesterberries—which are somewhere between gooseberries and blackcurrants—I asked for a couple of cuttings (as any scrounging allotment-holder would).

Six months later, he duly provided me with ten young Worcesterberry cordons. That’s a few more than I was anticipating, so some have been passed on to a mixture of grateful and puzzled recipients. Now we need to work out what to do with those I’ve kept.

Worcesterberries can, apparently, grow to around 8ft tall. They’re also very spiky. So they seem ideal for filling in gaps in hedges. Although we’ve replaced the missing hedge at the bottom of our plot, there are still some gaps further up. So for now, I’ll grow the cuttings on in pots, with a view to inserting them into the hedge a year from now.

If it works, I’ll be delighted: getting a crop from the allotment will be good, but being able to harvest the hedge too would be even better.

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2 Responses to Worcesterberries

  1. Karen says:

    my brother has some blackcurrant cuttings for us I will get them Thursday. Any ideas about where to plant them?
    Also got some blackberries for mothers day so might put them on the front wall what do you think?

  2. Tim says:

    That’s brilliant; I’d given up on getting currants for this year, but I’m sure we can fit them in somewhere. If we can finish getting the ash stumps out (only a few left now) then there’ll be some space there, but I think my preferred option would be to extend the fruit patch a little further up the hill, put up wires between two posts, and grow a row of blackcurrant and redcurrant cordons.

    For the blackberries: Check with Carl, but I think he planted some suspected blackberries in the hedge at the bottom already. Do they need planting soon, or have we got a little time to think about where they can go?

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