Birding on the Plot

As I’m now 26 weeks pregnant, I’ve been taking it easy on the allotment (the others have kindly called it ‘supervising’). This has given me a chance to enjoy just being there in the sunshine, and to pay attention to my surroundings, revealing just what a good spot we’re in for bird-watching.

The plots are on the edge of town, next to some woods and a cemetery on the Sheffield side, and a road away from the countryside as you go down the Rivelin Valley. This means that we’re part of a ‘green finger’ of vegetation that wildlife can travel along, and we get a lovely variety of things.

Just sitting there, you can hear chiffchaffs, great tits, blue tits, wrens, robins and a song thrush. The tits and robin also come and visit the plot from time to time. I spent a long time being excited by a particularly warbly sounding bird, only to find out that it was a dunnock, and not something rare; but now we sit back and enjoy the sound of its singing.

It’s not just birds singing though, we’ve spotted a nuthatch, a greater spotted woodpecker and a kestral, as well as a regularly visiting pheasant and pigeons. The latter of these are being carefully guarded against though, as we’re worried that they’ll just eat the plants; roll on the green plastic netting…

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2 Responses to Birding on the Plot

  1. Tim says:

    There was a bullfinch repeatedly nipping out of the hedge to hover by the cow parsley in the lane the other morning too, presumably to pick off insects. For every new bird we spot, I can’t help but wonder which of the things we’re trying to grow it likes to eat.

  2. Judith Holt says:

    When you see the birds think about the things they eat which otherwise would be pests for the things you want to eat. When you sow remember the formula; one for the mice, one for the crow, one to rot and one to grow.

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