Missing: Number 7

We’ve heard a lot of complaints about vandals and thieves at the allotments. Now, we’re victims.

About a week ago, Carl painstakingly carved a number 7 into a log, and put it by the entrance to our plot. The craftsmanship was beautiful. This number 7 was a work of art. It was almost certainly the best executed number 7 on the Hagg House site.

Some time between the afternoon of Friday 1st April and the afternoon of Sunday 3rd April, in a cowardly act with no thought for the emotional harm that it might cause, our number 7 was taken.

It may have been mindless vandalism, our number taken only to be thrown into a ditch or hedge and left to rot.

Or it may have been commercially motivated, perhaps even stolen to order. If you live at a number 7 in the area, you can expect a visit and some pretty tough questions very soon.

In the meantime, if a bloke down the pub tries to sell you a well-crafted wood-carved number 7 in Monotype Corsiva, then please get in touch.

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One Response to Missing: Number 7

  1. Tim says:

    The mysterious comings and goings continue: the number 7 hasn’t been returned, but someone seems to have dumped an extra water butt on our plot. Very useful, but it would be nice to know where it came from.

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