Edible Hedging Plant Identification

Earlier this year, our allotment association had some edible hedging plants to distribute, paid for by a grant. The idea was that they could be used to fill in gaps in hedges, but as the council gave us a plot with no hedge at all along the boundary with the lane, we took more than our fair share (and we still have gaps elsewhere).

Unfortunately, the plants came unlabelled, so we had no idea what we were taking; as there were several different types, we just grabbed a mixture.

A couple of months later, the plants seem to have taken pretty well. They’re now in leaf, which should in theory make it possible to identify them, if we knew our stuff. But we don’t.

Below are pictures of three different hedging plants. Any idea what they might be?

Mystery Hedging Plant #1

Mystery Hedging Plant #2

Mystery Hedging Plant #3

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2 Responses to Edible Hedging Plant Identification

  1. Tim says:

    Having spent some time searching images on Google, I think that Mystery Hedging Plant #1 looks like a hazel. Still none the wiser on plants #2 and #3 though.

  2. Rob says:

    Yep I agree with you on no 1. According to Sharon (plot 13 next to the road), she reckons they were Hazel, Cherry and Blackthorn. Presumably if you have blackthorn you’d have noticed the spikes on it, unless you can get a non-spiky version?

    More hedging coming later in the year – hopefully with some labels!

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