And they’re off…

The first seeds of 2012 are just starting to germinate. These are Early Onward peas, sown in compost-filled toilet roll inners.

Behind them are some pots with broad bean seeds in (The Sutton), but these have yet to start coming through.

Last year, we sowed both of these direct outside. The broad beans did fine, but the peas got wiped out, we think by mice.

This year, we’re going to try starting off more plants off indoors, hoping that we’ll get a better survival rate if we get them past that initial vulnerable stage before they have to contend with pests.

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  1. veronica says:

    Yes, our first outdoor sowing of peas was eaten by mice so now have lengths of plastic guttering to start them off and transplant to the plot by simply sliding the new plants into a trench. It has worked a treat.

    Found your comments on strawberry growing and plant rotation very helpful. Thank you.

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