Strawberries Everywhere

It’s been a strange year so far, with cold, wet weather making it difficult to get anything going on the allotment. The slugs seem to be particularly active. One thing that doesn’t seem to have noticed, though, is the strawberries. We have a glut.¬†Every few days, we come home with a kilo or so of strawberries.

This was part of this year’s plan: we’ve given plenty of space to strawberries (12 square metres to 48 plants). The aim was to grow enough strawberries that we could scoff them on the plot and still have enough left over to make jam.

We might have to scale this back next year, though; making jam is a lot of fun the first few times, but I wouldn’t want to do it full-time, and there’s only so much strawberry jam we can eat/give away.

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