Summer Fayre

Today was our Allotment Association’s Summer Fayre, a chance for plot-holders to get together over a barbeque and a keg of beer and compare the fruits of their labours.

This year we dug a fire pit the night before, got a couple of shoulders of lamb, and set them slow-cooking. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical about how well it would work, especially if it rained, but the result was superb.

The competitions went pretty well too, given how difficult a year it’s been. Having suspected that anyone who had something other than potatoes to put in their box of produce for the main competition stood a good chance of winning, there was a pretty good variety of produce on show.

Our entry was mostly about variations on a theme, with three different varieties of potato (Charlotte, Red Duke of York, and Kestrel), and three different varieties of peas and beans (Early Onward peas, Golden Sweet mangetout, and The Sutton broad beans), along with some decent onions, some modest garlic, and a selection of fruit.

The judge, in his finite wisdom, decided give us first place. I won’t argue. After our second place for our debut entry last year, we’re very pleased.

Sadly Jenny’s mangetout frangipane tarts didn’t get the recognition they deserved in the cake category (previously the ‘cake with a vegetable ingredient’ category, which we’ve decided to pretend it still is), but I enjoyed them nevertheless.

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