Vegetable Traffic Jam

Recently, as sometimes happens, life has been getting in the way of allotmenting. Today I made it down to the plot for only the second time in a couple of months.

Things aren’t looking quite as messy as you might think. Sharing a plot with a couple of friends means that it’s possible to take the odd break without getting kicked off by the council. It is time I started pulling my weight again though.

The main discovery of the day is that there’s a problem with our crop rotation system. On our plan, roots and alliums follow brassicas. We’ve got some over-wintering onions (Senshyu) ready to go in (actually, we’ve had them about a month), but the brassica beds are full of cabbages, kales, and broccolis.

Some of the broccolis should have been finished by now, and certainly aren’t going to crop this year, so we relocated them to the compost heap, which made enough space for about half of the onions.

Thankfully some of the cabbages were ready to harvest (Red Rookie and Mirabel), which made enough space for the other half.

We still have some Thermidrome garlic without a home though. Once we’re done eating the cabbages, we may have to get going on the kales.

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  1. Tim says:

    One of these cabbages, along with potatoes and onions from the allotment (and chorizo from Waitrose) made a particularly good soup. The recipe was from Nigel Slater (p142 of “Tender”). Thanks Nigel. :)

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