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Yum Scrum !


After the misfortune of losing our first strawberry to the mice, we took no chances this time and picked and ate it and very nice it was too.

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Of Mice, Blackcurrants and Leeks

After the discovery of a red strawberry we were all looking forward to buying the cream. Unfortunately Tim discovered a thief had visited in the night and made of with said red strawberry and a few green ones also ! … Continue reading

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Strawberries and Animal Invasions

Strawberry Flower

If you look extremely carefully you will notice the beginnings of our first flower on one of the strawberry plants which brought great delight to Karen and Carl during today’s watering visit. Hopefully this is the first of many and we can … Continue reading

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Burn Baby Burn

The clippings from the privet hedge was a rather large mound and taking up valuable growing space so alas the time had come for the ceremonial burning of said pile. Tim and Carl were the chief pyromaniacs but showed a … Continue reading

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The cherry tree flowering

A visit to the allotment primarily to water the plants during this dry spell surprised us all by signs of growth all over the place — raspberries, peas, beetroot, carrot, horseradish and WEEDS! Yes they are starting to come up … Continue reading

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The Long and Winding Path

2011-03-26 15.08.33

As chief path makers Carl and Karen continued their quest to completely pave over the entire plot by building a further path from the front gate to join up with the main path. We can now walk mud free from … Continue reading

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Hedging and Blueberries


So, the edible hedging arrived as expected today. We helped ourselves to about 40 or so plants of a mixture of varieties. Unfortunately we don’t know what they are so have just mixed them up in the hedge interspersed with … Continue reading

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Paths Continued

Path in the sunshine

A short visit to the allotment today found all still in order, strawberries growing nicely and garlic sprouting even more and the sun shining nicely.

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