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Burn Baby Burn

The clippings from the privet hedge was a rather large mound and taking up valuable growing space so alas the time had come for the ceremonial burning of said pile. Tim and Carl were the chief pyromaniacs but showed a … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end for the ash stumps

The biggest of the ash stumps

One of the distinctive features of Hagg House allotments is the number of plots that have been taken over by trees. Many of the plots have long been unusable for this reason, although the council has recently done a lot … Continue reading

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Soil conditioning

We’re new to this. That means we won’t always think to do the right thing at the right time. Having spent months thinking about weeds as we’ve been clearing them, we’ve suddenly realised that we should have been thinking about … Continue reading

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Cutting the hedge down to size

The Hedge - After

Since we took on the plot, trimming the hedge has been one of those important but non-urgent jobs that we never quite got around to. Before Christmas, I managed to borrow the allotment association hedge trimmers, and savagely (and messily) … Continue reading

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Hedge Control

The Hedge - Before

For several weeks, I’ve been meaning to have a go at trimming the hedge around our plot. Talk of snow for a week starting from tomorrow and patches of blue sky today were enough to spur me into action this … Continue reading

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With a little help from our friends

Friends are great, especially when they all come down the allotment to get stuck in and bring weed suppressing carpet. This weekend we were still on the painstaking weed-clearance-type-jobs, but it’s so much more fun when there’s more of you.

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And now the work begins…

It’s great having dry weekends for allotment clearing, but I think we’ve reached the hard and slow part now. It’s also the muscle tiring part; we ache!

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Is there an easy way to remove trees? I’m stumped.

A tree stump lying by the hole it's been removed from

After a fairly stressful day at work, I thought a good way of taking out my frustration would be to head down to the allotment and do some digging. As luck would have it, there was a tree stump slap-bang … Continue reading

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Experience over (relative) youth

A mostly clear allotment plot

After our own modest successes in clearing parts of the plot, this weekend we decided to call in some older, wiser, more experienced heads for help: my wife’s parents (who had an allotment for a couple of years back in … Continue reading

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Meeting the neighbours

The clear patch from today

Although the allotment plot was mainly Tim’s baby, I am slowly getting drawn into it, and I’m surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. It hasn’t cured me of my fear of slugs yet, but spiders are definitely less traumatic … Continue reading

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