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Hedging and Blueberries


So, the edible hedging arrived as expected today. We helped ourselves to about 40 or so plants of a mixture of varieties. Unfortunately we don’t know what they are so have just mixed them up in the hedge interspersed with … Continue reading

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Lime: Barely scratching the surface

The allotment dusted with lime

About a fortnight ago we realised that to get our claggy, acidic soil into workable shape we need to add some lime as a matter of urgency.

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Soil conditioning

We’re new to this. That means we won’t always think to do the right thing at the right time. Having spent months thinking about weeds as we’ve been clearing them, we’ve suddenly realised that we should have been thinking about … Continue reading

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With a little help from our friends

Friends are great, especially when they all come down the allotment to get stuck in and bring weed suppressing carpet. This weekend we were still on the painstaking weed-clearance-type-jobs, but it’s so much more fun when there’s more of you.

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Comfrey mulch

Comfrey leaves laid as a mulch

As we now have a bed dug over, we ought to do something to improve the soil. Our local garden centre has several green manures in stock, but none of them suitable for sowing at this time of year, according … Continue reading

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Lurking among the weeds: comfrey!


During yesterday’s clearing session, we uncovered a few good finds among the weeds. The best of these (better than the frog, the fluorescent yellow spider, and the assortment of spuds) was a healthy-looking comfrey plant.

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