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Molly-coddling the Fruit Trees

Three molly-coddled fruit trees

Some fruit trees have to fend for themselves, taking the soil as they find it, bracing themselves against the wind as they grow ever upwards, and then competing with undergrowth for scarce nutrients. Not ours.

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In Defence of Elsanta

I’ve been getting flak from a couple of people for choosing to grow Elsanta strawberries. It is, they say, a tasteless, watery variety of strawberry that’s only so popular because of its shelf-life. I feel the need to defend myself:

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Planting Cherries, Plums, and Greengages

The two year old Stella cherry tree

The most exciting thing we’ve planted so far, I think, are the fruit trees. We put in a Stella cherry (on Gisela 5 rootstock), and a Victoria plum and a Cambridge Gage greengage (both on Pixy).

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Planting Raspberries

Two rows of raspberry canes, dwarfed by stakes for wires

In amongst my fruit order were twenty raspberry canes, ten of Glen Ample (a mid-season, summer-fruiting variety) and ten of Autumn Bliss (an autumn-fruiting variety). If they grow as we hope they will, these will dominate the top section of … Continue reading

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Planting Strawberries

The strawberry bed

When we’re working the plot on a hot summer’s day, we’re going to need some refreshment. And better than having to lug snacks down to the plot would be being able to pick our own while we’re there. And what … Continue reading

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From hacking down and digging out to putting in. At last!


Today was the day that our plot finally began to look like it’s being cultivated. A few cloves of garlic and a couple of rhubarb crowns aside, everything we’ve done so far has pretty much been hacking things down and … Continue reading

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The first fruit tree order is in

Thanks to the nights closing in and the several feet of snow that have fallen, I didn’t make it to the allotment at all in December. That means that the hedge remains uncut, the paths remain unlaid, and the weeds … Continue reading

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