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The Seed Order

We’ve now got hold of the seeds that we’ve ordered for the year ahead. The only rational response to the allotment association’s 30% discount on seed catalogue prices was to order 30% more seeds, so we’ve bought plenty.

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Lime: Barely scratching the surface

The allotment dusted with lime

About a fortnight ago we realised that to get our claggy, acidic soil into workable shape we need to add some lime as a matter of urgency.

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Soil conditioning

We’re new to this. That means we won’t always think to do the right thing at the right time. Having spent months thinking about weeds as we’ve been clearing them, we’ve suddenly realised that we should have been thinking about … Continue reading

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The first fruit tree order is in

Thanks to the nights closing in and the several feet of snow that have fallen, I didn’t make it to the allotment at all in December. That means that the hedge remains uncut, the paths remain unlaid, and the weeds … Continue reading

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Prepare the way; make straight paths

Marking out the path

When we first got the allotment, we drew up a rough plan for what we’d do with it. Led astray by enthusiasm, we came up with a complex pattern of mini-raised beds and a maze of paths to navigate them … Continue reading

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In a spin about crop rotation

I’m having a crisis of confidence. Suddenly, everything that I thought I knew is in doubt. Up might be down. East might be West. I have no idea what to think or who to trust.

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