Broccoli Sprouting Purply!

Broccoli Sprouting Purply!

It’s almost a year since we sowed the seed, but our purple sprouting broccoli has finally become broccoli sprouting purply! Continue reading

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Are Sheffield City Council’s planned allotment rent increases illegal?

Sheffield City Council is planning to more than double allotment rents in 2013. Rent (which excludes water charges) will go from £13/year to £30/year for small plots, from £18.30/year to £42.50/year for medium plots, and from £23.70/year to £65/year for large plots. That’s an increase of ~130% for small and medium plots, and ~175% for large plots. Continue reading

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And they’re off…


The first seeds of 2012 are just starting to germinate. These are Early Onward peas, sown in compost-filled toilet roll inners. Continue reading

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Strawberry Rotation

Strawberry plants sending out runners

The biggest success of last year was probably the strawberries. I have very little experience of growing strawberries, but here’s what I’ve managed to glean from various books, and how we’re planning on growing them: Continue reading

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Raising Our Game


Since we took on the plot a year ago, I’ve been wanting to get some raised beds installed. After a year, I’ve finally got started. Continue reading

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Year 1 Review


It’s now been a year since we took over our allotment, so this seems to be a good time to take stock. Continue reading

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Romanesco Success!

Romanesco for eating

The brassicas bed has slowly been bursting into life, and we’ve discovered that red cabbages and purple sprouting broccoli need a lot of space. But despite some overcrowding, it’s looking promising, and we had our first harvest with the Romanesco earlier this week. Continue reading

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Chard thinnings: a feast!

Chard thinnings

After Saturday’s single-strawberry harvest, we were still a little peckish, so we thought we’d go back today and see what else we could pick. Continue reading

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Yum Scrum !


Food !

After the misfortune of losing our first strawberry to the mice, we took no chances this time and picked and ate it and very nice it was too. Continue reading
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A crop! The first of the strawberries…

The first strawberry

Having been away on holiday for a week, my first instinct on getting home was to get down to the allotment to check that everything was in order. The chard’s looking fantastic, the tomatoes and runner beans less so, and something’s been nibbling the cabbages again, which is all roughly what I was expecting. Continue reading

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