Of Mice, Blackcurrants and Leeks

Strawberry Netting

After the discovery of a red strawberry we were all looking forward to buying the cream. Unfortunately Tim discovered a thief had visited in the night and made of with said red strawberry and a few green ones also ! The culprit was thought to be a mouse. On today’s watering visit Karen saw the possible thief dive into the hedge. As shown in the photo it looks like the entry to the strawberry patch has been found, a nicely gnawed piece of netting, now knitted back together again.


Red Blackcurrants

Two great excitements in todays visit saw the reddening of some of the blackcurrants AND finally a number of leeks coming through that were thought lost forever.

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Edible Hedging Plant Identification

Mystery Hedging Plant #2

Earlier this year, our allotment association had some edible hedging plants to distribute, paid for by a grant. The idea was that they could be used to fill in gaps in hedges, but as the council gave us a plot with no hedge at all along the boundary with the lane, we took more than our fair share (and we still have gaps elsewhere).

Unfortunately, the plants came unlabelled, so we had no idea what we were taking; as there were several different types, we just grabbed a mixture. Continue reading

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The Wasp Dilemma: Solved

What remains of the wasps' nest...

A fortnight ago, I found a wasps’ nest clinging to the underside of one of the pallets that I wanted to use to make some compost bins. I moved it to the top corner of the plot, nicely out of the way, pending a decision on what to do about it. Continue reading

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The Wasp Dilemma

The Wasps' Nest

At some point, we’re going to need to get a composting system up and running. We have a few pallets set aside to make compost bins, and the corner of the plot nearest to the entrance designated for them to go into. Continue reading

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Setting Fruit

More Cherries

While the first of the vegetables are taking their time to get going, the fruit trees and bushes are starting to bear, well… fruit. Continue reading

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Birding on the Plot

As I’m now 26 weeks pregnant, I’ve been taking it easy on the allotment (the others have kindly called it ‘supervising’). This has given me a chance to enjoy just being there in the sunshine, and to pay attention to my surroundings, revealing just what a good spot we’re in for bird-watching. Continue reading

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Strawberries and Animal Invasions

Strawberry Flower

Strawberry Flower

If you look extremely carefully you will notice the beginnings of our first flower on one of the strawberry plants which brought great delight to Karen and Carl during today’s watering visit. Hopefully this is the first of many and we can look forward to a bumper crop !

Continue reading

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Burn Baby Burn

Burn Baby Burn

The clippings from the privet hedge was a rather large mound and taking up valuable growing space so alas the time had come for the ceremonial burning of said pile. Tim and Carl were the chief pyromaniacs but showed a rather disturbingly sensible approach at the end in dowsing the ashes with copious amounts of water to protect any poor lost adolescents from burning their toes.

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The Sunflower Competition

Four of us share our allotment, and so far we’ve managed to avoid any disputes. Time to put our friendship to the test with a sunflower-growing competition. Continue reading

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Blackberries and blackcurrants

Perfect planting and growing conditions.

New bed filled with manure today, where the Ash trees have made a space for us.

The blackcurrants my brother’s wife gave us are planted (given by her brother!); as you said allotment keepers are scroungers!

Also got some blackberries for mothers day which Ive put in.

And started weeding!!!

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